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From the Pastor’s Wife – “What’s In A Name?”

by Holly Grafton

  What’s in a name?  Late in the year of 1974, a little girl was born a few weeks earlier than expected.   She was due in December but arrived mid-November.  Her name had been decided upon weeks before – “Holly”—appropriate for a December baby and the Christmas season.  No matter that she was born before […]

From the Pastor’s Wife – “The Shiny, Sparkly Obsession”

by Holly Grafton

Glitter. When I cleaned the church, I used to grumble about the Sunday School teachers who used it.  It was next to impossible to get the stuff out of seat cushions and carpets. Glitter leaves a maddening tell-tale trail. My mother-in-law once gave her youngest grandchildren a whole bottle of glitter for their crafty creations. […]