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From the Pastor’s Wife – “Who Will Love Me?”

by Holly Grafton

As February 14th approaches, everything Valentine greets customers in the stores. At first it is despised because most of it has been there since the day after Christmas. The week of Valentine’s Day, however, marketing intensifies.  From the moment you walk in the door, an array of desserts, icing-topped cookies and cakes, and heart-shaped boxes […]

Beware the Frozen Heart!

by Ryan Grafton

With approximately two feet of snow on the ground, winter is getting old, fast!  The majority of the wind-swept storm systems come from the northwest and most of the south-facing roof surface of the church building has been covered with drifts three to five feet thick!  Even with all of the effort to pull snow […]

Not Enough?

by Ryan Grafton

To the members and friends of First Baptist Church of Edinboro.  The message of the morning was a sincere and honest effort to properly address the void that people fill in all sorts of ways.  They feel they are missing out, or lacking enlightenment, as if the worst sin that could possibly be committed is […]