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The Difference Between Poison Ivy and Mosquitoes

by Ryan Grafton

It’s been a rainy summer, so to be honest, when the kids’ first week of school came, my thoughts were, “No Way!  Did summer ever arrive?” (Technically,  it’s summer for a few more weeks, but try telling my kids that.)  For us, the rain means more mowing than we expected… AND more mosquitoes!  I’m totally […]

Playing your “Z’s, Q’s, & K’s”

by Ryan Grafton

The weather did not cooperate with our summer vacation plans. It was rainy.  It was windy.  It was cold.  Perhaps this sounds like a complaint. Let’s just say that after a week of being cooped up in a Canadian cottage on a lake, two coat-clad cottagers communicated that it was the cloudiest, coldest week that […]