3 29 2020 Worship in Song

Worship In Song: Staying Near In A Time of Distance and Uncertainty

Posted by First Baptist Church of Edinboro, PA on Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pastor Ryan: Eight Actions to Implement in Our COVID-19 Downtime
(Lockdown Doesn’t Mean Do Nothing)

1. Don’t allow the drama to drag down your soul!
2. Don’t delay on the details of your duties!
3. Dust off that job list!
4. Deal with pressing problems and delinquent accounts.
5. Dream!
6. Deliver any dread, despair, and despondency to the Lord.
7. Determine to proceed differently if you’ve been overwhelmed—drop it!
8. Draw close!

3-29-20 Sermon "No Non-Essential Followers"

No Non-Essential FollowersJohn 19:25-31, 38; Luke 23:55-56

Posted by First Baptist Church of Edinboro, PA on Sunday, March 29, 2020

There are No “Non-Essential” Followers of Christ: Mary Magdalene, Part 3

John 19:25-31, 38; Luke 23:55-56

Mary Followed On…

A. Despite the Devil’s Designs (Luke 8:1-3)

B. Despite the Spiritual Distance of Others

C. Through Difficulty in the Midst of Misunderstanding & Ridicule

D. Despite Desperate Times and Feelings of Devastation

E. Seeing Through Any Window of Doubt

F. Knowing that Death and the Devil, ultimately, Defeated.

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