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Missionary Sunday With the Whitmans – July 21, 2019

This Sunday, we welcomed Joshua and Sara Whitman and their lovely family back from Italy. We were blessed both by their ministry report and by the truths shared from God’s Holy Word. Listen in and sing along with the opening worship songs and special music, or jump right into Galatians 1 & 2, and Ephesians […]

The Sandwich Sermon


  2 Peter 1:3-8 Verse 4: Are you a partaker? (the bread) Verse 4: An escaper of worldly lusts? (the meat) Verse 5: Add to your faith virtue (cheese) Verse 5: knowledge (lettuce) Verse 6: Temperance (tomato) Verse 6: Patience (onion) Verse 6: Godliness (peppers) Verse 7: Brotherly Kindness (salt & pepper) Verse 7: Love […]

Five Steps to Clawing Our Way Back – May 27, 2018

On this Memorial Day Weekend, listen in and sing along to “America the Beautiful,” take in the Revelation Song, and enjoy the offertory as part of our worship service. Because it is Memorial Day weekend, at the start of the service, we showed a video. You can view it here at ¬† Join us at […]