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From the Pastor’s Wife – For God So Loved, That He Gave…

by Holly Grafton

As I sorted through my Christmas decorations this year, I noticed my tastes have changed a bit through the years.  There’s angelic decor and snowman decor, but for the last few years I’ve been acquiring lamp posts and lanterns.  Do you have favorite decorations, ornaments and Christmas traditions that are special to you?  Perhaps something […]

The Difference Between Poison Ivy and Mosquitoes

by Ryan Grafton

It’s been a rainy summer, so to be honest, when the kids’ first week of school came, my thoughts were, “No Way!  Did summer ever arrive?” (Technically,  it’s summer for a few more weeks, but try telling my kids that.)  For us, the rain means more mowing than we expected… AND more mosquitoes!  I’m totally […]

Playing your “Z’s, Q’s, & K’s”

by Ryan Grafton

The weather did not cooperate with our summer vacation plans. It was rainy.  It was windy.  It was cold.  Perhaps this sounds like a complaint. Let’s just say that after a week of being cooped up in a Canadian cottage on a lake, two coat-clad cottagers communicated that it was the cloudiest, coldest week that […]

Father’s Day Reflection

by Ryan Grafton

This will be a long post about my “stream of consciousness” attempt at sermonizing Psalm 103.  Stated succinctly, Psalm 103 adds to the good understanding that we have been building about God from Exodus. I began Sunday’s sermon with a joke.   A man’s daughter returned to elementary school after the both of them went […]

Accept No Substitutes

by Ryan Grafton

Exodus 3 again fills my thoughts.  As we approach Vacation Bible School, I am reminded of the tenderness of the youthful mind and recognize how some secularists want to take the tender soft flesh of a child’s heart & mind and flash cook it into jerky permeated with their saltiness (preserved from the taint of […]

Letting God Define Himself

by Ryan Grafton

The effect of opening the Book of Exodus has been, for me, the opportunity to let God “speak for Himself.”  Today’s voices (especially the secularist “enlightened moderns” as Dawkins calls them) are dismissive.  They are the shouters, hell-bent on “shouting down” any dissenting voice with their rantings against any public expression of faith in God […]

God “Speaks” For Himself

by Ryan Grafton

The connection of Creation with Covenant is seen in Exodus 1 where the ancient Hebrews fill the land of Egypt (almost like a Nile flood).  The language is indisputably repetitious and recapitulates the theme of Creation and its implications for the “sons of Israel” who trace their lineage to Abraham. No.  I didn’t get that […]

The Dawkins Delusion

by Ryan Grafton

Having recently read The Diary of Anne Frank, I completely understand why there are intervals between entries.  I was frustrated,  at times, when reading her diary.  I wanted to know more:  more about the family, more about her, more about the political talk around the table, more of the radio news bulletins, but, for Anne, […]

A Sacred Fishing Spot and Marriage

by Ryan Grafton

This will be the first “blog” that I’ve ever written, so I want it to be truly foundational.  I don’t think of myself as one who always says the most important things in the most effective way, but I do try to think important thoughts and mean, in all seriousness, what I say.  This will […]